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Get the Herobuilders Workout Sarah Palin Only 2000 units will be available. $35.95


The Herobuilders Original Sarah Palin Action Figure $35.95

Herobuilders Sarah Palin School Girl $35.95

Herobuilders Sarah Palin Super Hero $35.95

Michele Bachmann Action Figure. Michele Backmann Doll.only $34.95



Krystal Ball Christmas Party Action Figure only 39.95 each

Jimmy McMillan "The Rent is too Damn High" I agree Jimmy only 39.95 each

Herobuilders TALKING Jimmy McMillan "The Rent is too Damn High" Only $49.95 click here to hear Jimmy TALK


Christine O'Donnell Action Figure, She must be a witch here she is! On sale $39.95 Christine O'Donnell executive Action Figure On Sale $29.95 The Herobuilders Anna Chapman Spy Girl "The Predator" only $29.95 The Herobuilders Anna Chapman Spy Girl "The Spy I Could Love" only $29.95

Tony Hayward the most hated man in the US and soon to be unemployed.

"The Wanker" $34.95

Get the BP Polluted Ocean Globe a must have for the holidays. When Shaken black snow falls

Only 34.95 each

Scott Brown Everyman Action Figure.

Everyman $34.95 

Scott Brown Centerfold Man Anatomically Correct for ADULTS only.

 Fig Leaf Included.$34.95

MRS. Obama Action Figure with the fantastic Evening Dress LIMITED edition only 1000 units will be made $39.95

The Original Obama Action Figure complete with sound from his coming out speech.$59.95

Click to listen to Obama


Action Figure complete with Water Board.  $49.95

Obama Joker Action Figure. Only one per Customer.

Obama Joker Action Figure $49.95

Get the Joe Wilson Action Figure and He talks too. Only $39.95

Click to listen to JOE

Joe The Plumber Action Figures & Crow Bar $34.95 JOE the Vice President - Joe Biden Action Figure $29.95

TURBO TAX TIM Geithner Action Figure or as we like to call him Get the talking Tim Geithner Action Figure  $49.95


Rod Blagojevich Action Figure

$149.95 ONLY 250 Units of this Version will be Made Comes with a fist full or hundreds

Bernie Madoff Action Figure

$149.95 Only 250 Units of this Version will be Made Comes with a fist full of Hundreds

Sandra the Secretary Talking Action Figure! Finally Justice for all the overworked Secretaries. The perfect gift for your boss, Based upon the Author Sandra Lee's experiences as Documented in her book Time Served. ONLY 49.95


GET the ALL NEW BIG JOE #12 ,,,Anatomically Correct Male Action figure, Only 29.95

TALKING Larry Craig Action Figure $49.95


Elliott Spitzer Action Figure $29.95 Dick Cheney Action Figures with Shotgun $34.95  John McCain Action Figure $29.95 John Edwards Action Figure $29.95



  Talking Don't Taze Me Bro $49.95 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Hillary Clinton Action Figure $29.95  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  



And I guess you know you have made it when you are in Doonesbury for 3 days in a row here are Monday 9-22-08 thru Wednesday 9-24-08 strips