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Custom Bobble Heads Cost 299.99 for the first one and copies of that Original are 49.95 Each

Executive Male Bobble

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Girl With Dog Bobble Head

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Information about your Bobble Head / Custom Bobble Heads


The male it is important that you understand that in order to make these affordable we try to hit 90% recognition, this is an Bobble Head and not a sculpture for a museum.

So please keep that in mind when approving our work. Also when you receive your approval images they will be as large as your screen please keep in mind that the

head sculpt will only be 1.5" high . If you like we can hit 100% and that cost will be different from the cost structure above.


You will be involved in the approval process. Once we have the sculpture made of the images you have sent us we will send an image of the sculpt for your approval.

 Please be advised the sculpt will be in a plain white sculpt material and after approval we will then make a mold and add our colored mold material and then hand paint your

 action figure head to match the images you sent us.


We will charge your credit card 50% which is non refundable upon the start of the project and 50% upon your approval of the sculpt.  Due to the manner hours of

labor required to create your custom bobble head we cannot refund any payments for custom action figures. The Charge on your card will appear as Vicale Corporation.


Your custom action figure will be shipped FedEx ground to express, whatever is needed we can supply. I would like to thank you for shopping at the best and most

 respected Custom Products company in the US.


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