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AMERICAN HERO Action Figures are Custom Military Action Figures that look talk and dress just like you all this with a 2 to 3 week delivery time and made in the USA.

We have had many many Military families and or Military personnel order our standard Custom Talking Action Figures in the past 6 years. We have also given a discount to all Military personnel,  but we really never felt this was appropriate for our AMERICAN HERO'S so we created these specially priced action figures just for you and your families.

ITS EASY TO BUILD YOUR Military CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES just follow the 3 steps below to get a quote and order form:

Step 1: E-mail Tell us exactly what you want answering the questions in steps 2 and 3..

  • Non-talking custom action figures are $375.00.00 for the first one and 39.95 for copy. 

  • Talking custom action figures are $399.00 for the first one and 59.95 for each copy.

  • Talking chip is max. 20 seconds. You can program them once received or you can send us a file,,,,.wav, mp3 etc...

  • We have both White and Black action figures Male and Female

  • Male action figures come dressed in urban camo pants and white T-shirt. Female Action Figures come dressed in a blue pant suit, but you can order other clothing options and accessories as detailed in Step 2.

  • A typical order takes 2 weeks to delivery but we can quick with a 1 week delivery the cost is 2X the above cost.

  • Our Action Figures are 12" and fully articulated if you would like to see an image please click here

Step 2: Specify if you would like any of the below:

  • For in stock Clothing, Accessories and Weapons  click here Do not order from our online store, just list what you want on the email.

  • Don't like our clothes send us images of you in uniform and we will quote to make an exact copy of your military uniform

  • Please Specify talking or non-talking, male or female / white or African American.

  • Want a custom logo T-Shirt. Setup cost is $25.00, then each t-shirt is $9.95 in either black or white.

  • Custom Tattoos are typically $75.00 a tattoo per figure but will have to be quoted upon review of your images.

  • Stud Earrings are $20.00 a pair: specify; Faux Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, or Opalescence, black, Hematite

  • IF WE DO NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT we can make any custom accessories or custom outfits, include images, Yes we can make anything!  Just ask for a quote

Step 3: Be sure to include the following images (and sound clip if you are ordering a talking figure)

  • One front image, and one side image of the persons face (if you have tattoos please include those also)

  • Voice clip can be sent at a later date and if you do not have that you can record the chip once you receive action figures.

  • Image of any requested custom clothing (e.g., T-shirt), and or custom accessories if you are ordering these customs

  • Please specify hair and eye color, sometimes the pictures lack that detail

  • Please specify the date you need this product in your hands

  • Also include your delivery address so we can add shipping to your quote

  • Send off your e-mail. We will quote you within an hour in that quote will be an e-mail order link you will be able to click that link and place your order.



Military leadership and are interested in our Military Installation Awards Program, Or Psyops Products  e-mail for a program price quote.

Important information about your custom action figures

Herobuilders makes  Custom action figures, and personalized Action figures  that look, talk, & dress just like you, We now have the largest selection of custom action figure clothing and custom action figure. We can make your custom action figure, or Talking custom action figure in just 2 weeks. All custom action figures are made right here in our studios in Connecticut by our expert staff, no answering machines here, If you have a question feel free call 1-203-888-0147 or e-mail us. We are largest and most respected maker of Custom Action Figures and Personalized Action figure company in the USA, These are the best Birthday gifts, Christmas Gifts, Retirement Gifts and corporate Incentives, there is no event that these would not be welcome.


MILITARY BRASS that are looking for employee incentive, Corporate Incentive, or corporate gift a custom action figure is perfect for these events. YES WE SHIP WORLD WIDE

Information about your Custom Action Figure or Personalized Action Figure

It is important to realize that we are making a custom action figure to the standards shown in our samples and that the sculpts are made affordable  we hit 85% recognition,  please keep that in mind when approving our work. Also when you receive your approval images they will be as large as your screen please keep in mind that the head sculpt will only be 1.5" high.

You will be involved in the approval process. Once we have the sculpture made of the images you have sent us we will send an image of the sculpt for your approval. Please be advised the sculpt will be in a plain white sculpt material and after approval we will then make a mold and add our colored mold material and then hand paint your action figure head to match the images you sent us.

Custom Action Figure Payment and Return Policy

When placing your order you will be charged upon placement of your order. You will be involved in the project and will have  to approved the head sculpture.   

Custom Action Figure order will be billing upon ordering when you start the project and is not refundable, you will have to approve head sculpture.

Overseas orders will be charged when you start the project and is not refundable once the project starts, you will have to approve head sculpture.

Super Custom Action Figures will be billed upon ordering. A Super Custom Action Figure is any custom that also has any article of custom clothing, custom accessory, custom outfit, custom shoe anything is above and beyond what is our standard custom action figure.

Due to the manner hours of labor required to create your custom sculpt we will not refund any payments for custom action figures for any reason. If we start your project and finish the sculpts and you are unreachable, we will try make contact if you do not respond we will finish your action figure and ship it without approval. And /or  if you decide for any reason that the project is not wanted anymore off but we have finished your sculpt we cannot refund you for your purchase. Your Custom Products will be shipped USPS from ground to express, whatever is needed for your timeline. We ship worldwide and at this time I would like to thank you for shopping at the best and most respected and largest Custom Products  company in the US. featured in the new Marketing textbook, Published By McGraw-Hill CLICK HERE for BRIEF Custom Action Figures on SCIFI "Who Wants to Be a SUPERHERO" CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Custom Action Figures on CBS "CSI - NY" CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO

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