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NOW BUILD YOUR REPUBLICAN LADY AND DRESS THEM THE WAY YOU WANT. PAY ONE PRICE 39.95, you get the Lady you want, the outfit, accessories and earrings all on demand.

  1. Start by picking your favorite Republican Lady, then Dress Her properly, don't forget to accessorize. Then just click Add to cart, its that simple.

  2. Once your Republican Lady is in your shopping cart you can order another just by clicking the continue shopping button to the left and you will

    come right back to this page so you can order your next Republican Lady. (Weapons Not Included)

Pick Your Republican
Stud Earrings


Sarah Palin Prom Hair Doll

Michelle Bachman Doll


Sarah Palin Vintage Hair Doll

Kristi Noem Doll

Kelly Ayotte

Nikki Haley


Sandy Adams

Red Skirt Suit

White Skirt Suit

Blue Skirt Suit

Blue Pant Suit

X-Raider Outfit

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