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Get the Rambama Action Figure, Obama Action figure only 34.95 each


The Original Obama Action Figure complete with sound from his coming out speech.$39.95

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What an insult to true American people and the Navy Seals.  I know you're doing this as a desperate move to conjure business, however, what a disgrace you idiots are!
The Seals deserve better than that...I grew up in inner city don't rise through the political ranks by being a choir boy; in other words, you morons, all politicians are extremely corrupt. 
odumba didn't know the minister of the church he went to for over 20 years hated America, Jews, and Israel...and you're idolizing this prick!
You desperate fools!

Are you flipping kidding me.....Obama as a Navy Seal....what a slap in the face to our military and the American people. If you want to celebrate bin Laden getting killed, use a military face, the face of the real hero's.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself for creating the Navy SEAL action figure depicting the President (which never served in any branch of the US Military) as a Navy SEAL and for trying to profit from it!
Upon graduation from high school (2 years ago) my Grandson Justin enlisted in the US Marines with hopes of being selected for RECON. He was and he has been in Japan for almost a year going through intense training with the Navy Seals with hopes of one day utilizing his skills to protect our freedom and defend the nation he loves.
I think that it is horrendous that you are actually exploiting this great organization for profit!
Now that you have already launched "the doll" (I just can't force myself to call it an action figure) the least you could do is donate the profits you receive from it and pass it on to the families of killed and wounded soilders.
It's because of soldiers like Justin that I get the opportunity to speak my mind and share my frustrations and disappointment.
Really disappointed,


While we all as Americans celebrate the fact that OBL is no longer on earth, I feel your latest action figure is in poor taste.  Did the President give the order for OBL’ s fate?  Yes   Did he carry out that order? NO   Navy SEAL team 6 did the job and your action figure should reflect that.  I was personally offended by this as I am sure the Navy Seals are too.  A little more thought should have gone into your latest project. 

Jo Skains

Have you lost your ever-loving mind?????   It is disgraceful to even use the NAME Obama in connection with those brave Seals.  If you want to make a doll to honor the Seals....fine.......but make it a generic doll that is representative of the Seals themselves not that wimp who calls himself a president!
You should be ashamed of yourself!  You have denigrated and demeaned every Seal and, for that matter, every person who has ever served in the military, but putting THAT face on the doll.  At LEAST find someone who has SERVED!
Jackie Breedlove
Dear Herobuilders
This email is probably being sent to the wrong department so forgive me if my ire is directed inaccurately.
This is regards to your recent production of the rambama DOLL.
Never having been a SEAL myself but having served in another branch of the military I cannot begin to express my admiration and respect for the real SEALs---and my disgust with someone who would associate a person of meager morality, ability, and love of America in any way with the SEALs.
Please, take the Doll off the market. It is offensive, shameful and denigrates people who selflessly put their lives on the line for our great country.
If you refuse to remove it from the market, perhaps you could rightfully rename it to something so much more appropriate---like girly-man doll.


The American people will not be fooled with this ridiculous (and I’m being very 
nice when I say that) and pathetic attempt  to make money. As for you Emil 
Vicale, I want you to understand some...thing…your heart may have been in the 
right place ( wanting to show your appreciation) but let’s get one thing 
straight, obama had NOTHING to do with this.Now I could throw out that obama 
hesitated and the Generals gave the go ahead or MANY other things that have 
proven that obama is not only a coward but he is NOT the commander in chief of 
the united states….Now on a positive note, I will say this..If I find this doll, 
I will gladly burn it on the front steps of the white house… A more proper doll 
( since your wanting to show some form of thanks to obama) would have been a 
cowaring rat in a corner. THAT would have been well recieved by the American 
people showing what we truly think of him!
By the way, with the money you do make off this doll....I have a feeling that 
the burning of it might just catch on, why not give ALL of it to the REAL 
HEROS...our serviceman and women!

This is the saddest excuse for a doll AND A PRESIDENT.


Shame, shame a thousand times shame.  Your doll of glorious leader as a Navy Seal makes me heart sick. It is a disgrace to my friends currently serving and all those who have served over the years.  If this is what the last American Toy company looks like we as a country are well and truly screwed.  Hopefully you will soon be an American Toy company that is gone.  What a disgusting display of profits over all else.  Shame!


What a insult to the Navy Seals bring out this Obama piece of trash.  This asshole could never even make the grade the first 2 minutes of training.  But, then again I see your address is Oxford, Ct the home of left wing socialist liberals which explains your insult to real American hero's.  I hope this piece of crap bombs and cost you all a bundle of money.
A Real American





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