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Political Action Figures 

Largest creator of all political talking action figure dolls, and pop culture action figure dolls. And now the Political Pez Heads we call them Candy-Dates

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Beach Blanket Obama

John McCain

Senator Larry Craig Action Figure

 (Play Sound)

Get the All New Don't Taz Me Bro Action Figure (Play Sound)

OBAMA, Barack Obama Action Figure

 (Play Sound)

BRITNEY Spears action figure

Hillary and Obama Dream Team Action Figure   Dick Cheney Action FIgure



Dope on a Rope Saddam

Kim Jung Il

Trial Saddam

Hero Action Figures click any  image to order

Jesus Action Figure

Sound Clip

America's Mayor

George Bush Action Figure

Sound Clip

Tony Blair Action Figure

Sound Clip

Bush in Baghdad Action Figure

Sound Clip

Governator Action Figure

Sound Clip

Howard Dean Action Figure

Sound Clip

John Kerry Action Figure

Sound Clip

Gay American

Sound Clip

Super President Bush

Hillary Clinton Action Figure

Condi Rice Action Figure

Villain Action Figures click any image to order

Aymna al-Zawahri

Butcher of Baghdad

Captured Saddam

Crack Head Saddam



(American Taliban)

Baghdad Bob

Sound Clip

Dual-Headed Uday

Sound Clip


Sound Clip


Conrad Putin

Herr Schroeder

Jacque Chirac

Pop Culture Action Figures click any image to order

Super Freak

Sound Clip

Baby Drop

Khalid Shikh Mohammed

Michael Moore Action Figure Soft Sculpt 

Run Away Bride      

Get the All New Don't Taz Me Bro Action Figure (Play Sound)