3 Years Before the 1st I Phone was released HeroBuilders created the worlds 1st app. We called the App On Demand. It was a builder site or a customization page for HeroBuilders. What remain is our video of the app and that is below.

“Herobuilders.com Revolutionizes Toy Customization on the internet – On Demand Action Figures are Here”

Vicale, E. (2004, June 17). Herobuilders.com Revolutionizes Toy Customization on the internet – On. PRWeb. https://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/06/prweb134438.htm.
The First App
The First App

The video shows the very first app ever created, the App before Apps. HeroBuilders created the very first online customization site, which was also a stand-alone app a full three years before the introduction of the I-Phone