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Don’t want to fill out our form, email your Custom Action Figure requirements to You can say something as simple as a Male action figure with jeans and a T-shirt.

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Starting Costs are as follows: The First Custom Action Figure costs 375.00 then Copies are 50.00 each + Clothing.


Need Ideas? Check out HeroBuilder’s Best Custom Action Figure Selection and Samples

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The Custom Action Figure-Making Process at HeroBuilders:

  1. After placing your order, please send One Side View Image and One Front View Image.

    It is important to try and give us corresponding images, for instance, smiling, serious, etc. See below.
    Front and Side Reference Images

  2. Once Scheduled, we start sculpting the Face of Your Custom Action Figure.

    One of our master sculptors uses your provided images and hand sculpts your head in exacting details.

  3. Once our Sculptor is happy with the Sculpture of the Head and Face.

    HeroBuilders will email you photos of the Sculpture for your approval.

  4. You can either approve or suggest changes to the Sculpture

    The changes must be realistic for the size of the Sculpture. If edits to the Sculpture can be made, we will make them.

  5. Suppose Dramatic changes from your original images are requested. For instance, if the original photos showed you smiling, we created the Sculpture, and then you want the face changed to an angry look, or a hairstyle change, facial expression, or add glasses, etc.

    There will be a $150.00 charge per dramatic change. (if you have multiple changes per request, the cost is 150.00 x each change, not per request). For instance: if you send one email request and you have 2 changes. Add glasses and change your hair. That is a $300.00 Charge.

  6. Once you approve the Sculpture

    The Sculpture is then baked to a rock-hard consistency.

  7. Once the Sculpture is removed from the oven

    A Mold Making Expert creates a Rubber Mold for your Action Figure Head.

  8. Prepare the Rubber Mold for Casting

    Once the Action Figure Mold is ready, the head is cast and heated to 170 Degrees using our proprietary material.

  9. Your Personalized Action Figure Head is removed from the oven.

    Now that the head has cooled, it is meticulously hand-painted and dried to match your images.

  10. Your Custom Action Figure is Shipped

    -We hand assemble your action figure, which is boxed in our World Famous Black HeroBuilders Window Box, and -Shipping is FREE using USPS Priority.
    -Shipping is not Free in December.
    -If your action figure needs to be at a location on an exact specific date and we need to use FedEx Delivery, that is an extra charge.
    -We can use FedEx, fully insured if instructed, but you will be charged for that service

Custom Outfit-Making Process

  1. If you are ordering the Extreme Custom Action Figures and are getting a custom outfit, we do not offer approvals of custom outfits, so your outfit will be on par with the outfits shown in our sample images.
  2. Some of the more minor details on a custom outfit will be left out because it is impossible to copy all the details due to the small size of the custom action figure outfits.

Our How to Make an Action Figure video is worth watching. This video gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at the Personalized Action Figure making process.

“We used to have the fat guy body,” says Emil Vicale, whose Connecticut-based company Herobuilders specializes in customizable action figure dolls that start at $425. “But the extra meat took the action figure out of balance. I just wasn’t comfortable having our action figures not be able to stand up.”

Stadtmiller, M. (2006, February 15). TOYS ARE US – MOVE OVER, BARBIE. FOR $425, YOU CAN BUY ULTIMATE I-DOLL-ATRY; THEY HELP YOU GET ALL DOLLED UP. New York Post. Retrieved November 6, 2021, from
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Custom Action Figures
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