Follow the steps below to Create an Action Figure for Yourself.

Send an email to and include the following information.

After receiving your email, we will send you a cost and online order link to place your order.

  1. Talking or Non-Talking Action Figure. (talking action figures can have a 20 or 30-second voice box)
  2. Is it male/female, black/white?
  3. What Type of outfit, you can say something like Jeans and a T-shirt, or just attached images of your outfit.
  4. Do you need a logo on the outfit or shirt? If so include that image.
  5. Your Shoe Options are: Our Free shoes or we have black or white lace-up sneakers & Men’s Black Dress Shoes.
  6. Do you want custom footgear, just attach that image?
  7. Need a custom action figure accessory, a brief description or image is fine.
  8. Need Tattoos, attached those images.
  9. Do you need copies of your action figure, just let us know how many?
  10. Please include the front face and side view image.
  11. What is your ideal delivery date? A typical custom takes 2 to 3 weeks custom clothes may add another week.

BASE Pricing for your Personalized Action Figures.

  • Your Custom Action Figures are 375.00 for the first one and 69.95 for copies
  • Talking Action Figures are 425.00 and 79.95 for talking copies. Add 10.00 if you want the 30-second voice box.
  • Custom Clothes are extra and we will send a cost
  • Herobuilders artists can hand paint your tattoos, just list how many tattoos you will need, tattoos typically cost 75.00 each for a standard tattoo and arm sleeves are 175.00

Need Ideas? Check out our Custom Action Figure Samples


How A Custom Action Figure is Made

  1. After you place your order, you will be involved in the customizing process.

    One of our master sculptors uses your provided images and hand sculpts your head in exacting details.

  2. Once our Sculptor is happy with the Sculpture of the Head and Face.

    HeroBuilders will email you images of the sculpture for your approval.

  3. You can either approve of suggest changes to the Sculpture

    The changes must be realistic for the size of the sculpture, if edits can be made we will make them.

  4. If Dramatic changes from your original images are requested, hair style, facial expression or add glasses etc

    There will be a $50.00 charge per dramatic change

  5. Once the Sculpture is approved by you

    The sculpture is baked to a rock hard consistency.

  6. Once the Sculpture is removed from the oven

    A Mold Making Expert creates a Rubber Mold of your Action Figure Head.

  7. Prepare the Rubber Mold for Casting

    Once the Action Figure Mold is ready the head is cast and heated to 170 Degrees using our proprietary material

  8. Your Personalized Action Figure Head removed from the Oven.

    Now that the head has cooled it is meticulously hand painted and dried to match your images.

  9. Your Custom Action Figure is Shipped

    We hand assemble your action figure and it is boxed in our World Famous Black HeroBuilders Window Box and Shipped using USPS or FedEx and it is fully insured.

Custom Action Figure Samples

Custom Outfit Making Process

  1. If you are ordering the Extreme Custom Action Figures and are getting a custom outfit we do not offer approvals of custom outfits so your outfit will be on par with the outfits shown in our sample images
  2. All things considered some of the smaller details on a custom outfit will be left out because it is impossible to copy all the details due to the small size of the custom action figure outfits.

Our How to Make an Action Figure video is worth watching. This video gives you a behind the scenes  peek of the Personalized Action Figure making process.

HeroBuilders is proud to have made it into the NY POST. What a great story about our Action Figures capabilities from 2-15-2006

Custom Action Figures
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Custom Action Figures
Custom Action Figures
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