Custom Figurines, Corporate Mascots and Custom Toys Made to Order



Herobuilders Custom Toy Makers can make custom figurines of you from a photo. We can also make any Custom Figures from a sketch, company logo, drawings or 3D models.

Our skilled Toy Makers and Master Craftsmen use a range of Toy Making technology. From the basic old world hand made techniques to 3D CAD and 3D printing.

We made it very easy for you to get a cost and to place your Custom Figurines order. Just send an email with an image and answering the 3 simple questions below:

Feel Free to look over some of our Custom Figurines samples

  1. Please email
  2. Include images you would like your figurine modeled after.
  3. What size would you like your custom figurine?
  4. How many custom figurines do you need?
  5. What date do you need your order delivered?
  6. Feel free to add any other information about your personalized figurine project.

HeroBuilders can make anything you can imagine, so be creative and have fun and check out our video below and see how we make custom figures.

Here brief list of some of the different types of Custom Figures that are most requested. If you need some ideas or would like to would like to see more of our custom toy making samples

  1. Custom Figurines
  2. Super Hero Figurines
  3. Figurine Cake Topper
  4. Custom Corporation Figurines
  5. Corporate Mascots


Normal Shipping Timeline

  1. Shipping time depends upon how many you order and what time of year your order is placed.
  2. If you are ordering one unit the setup time is normally 3 weeks, your product will ship 5 to 10 days later.
  3. Normal Production order will have a 3 week set up time and production time will depend upon your order quantity.

The Sculpting Process or 3D Printing Process

  1. Step one is to make the master pattern that is used to make a mold.
  2. Depending on the project we will use handmade all the way to and including 3D printing.
  3. We can use your 3D file in most cases but if not our 3D technicians will create the 3D files needed to run our 3D printers.
  4. We can work with your 3D files, if you do not have 3D files we can make those for you.Once you place your order one of our master sculptures gets to work on making your head sculpture in exacting detail.
  5. When our sculptor is happy with the progress they will email you images of the sculpture for your approval.
  6. After you’ve had a chance to go over the image you will be able to approve the sculpture or make changes our sculptors will make those changes and resubmit images to you.
  7. When you are happy our results and approve the sculpture we harden the sculpture and ready it for the next steps.

 Molding and Final Assembly of your Custom Action Figure

  1. At that time our master mold make will make the mold and cast your custom action figure face sculpture.
  2. The custom action figure face then goes hand painting from painting the action figure goes assembly and then finally shipped.
  3. If you are ordering the Extreme Custom Action Figures and are getting a custom outfit we do not offer approvals of custom outfits so your outfit will be on par with the outfits shown in our sample images

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If you would like to see more videos or images go to our Blog