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SuperHero Custom Action Figures

Thomas is a Superhero. Thomas needed a Superhero Custom Action Figure.

Be a like Thomas and get a 1/6 Superhero Custom Action Figures.

HeroBuilders Action Figures are 12″ or whats called 1/6 Custom Action Figures, not those mini little figures other companies pass off as action figures!

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The Best Custom Action Figure Samples in the World! This is an all time favorite custom action figure build for Herobuilders. Thomas called Herobuilders and had a special request to make him a custom-made action figure. But Thomas had some special really special details needed for his custom action figures.

Thomas was very specific he needed an earring. an awesome beard with custom beads in the beard, a custom Superhero outfit and a talking chip.

Herobuilders can and did make his custom super hero action figure with all of his specifications. Click here to Get your extreme custom action figure. Make Yourself a Super Hero Figure

Custom Action Figures
Super Mike, Gets a Superhero Custom Action Figure, complete with custom Superhero outfit. Mike added a voice option and now he can record his favorite catch phrases!