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HeroBuilders Review

Rating: 10 out of 10.

HeroBuilders gets a 10 Star Review. HeroBuilders is 21 Year Old Company and created the Custom Action Figure Industry. Real Reviews show HeroBuilders is the Best Custom Action Figure Company. 

How can you determine goods reviews from fake reviews? It’s easy, real people write good reviews that sound like real people. Actual customers are typically shown on sites like Google. You can read more Reviews about Herobuilders on Google HERE

Another way to understand what a Good Review is by what publication it is in. Also if the review is from a real person there will be images of the work or an order number. Like this Real HeroBuilders Review from Jeff of

If a review is a far fetched tale of nonsense, then it is nonsense and is fake. If you believe in a fake review, then you most likely will miss out on something great. Always keep in mind that the internet has evil people that say bad things about other people for whatever reason, those people sad people and you must never let their bad views interfere with your good internet experience.


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SuperHero Custom Action Figures

Thomas is a Superhero. Thomas needed a Superhero Custom Action Figure.

Be a like Thomas and get a 1/6 Superhero Custom Action Figures.

HeroBuilders Action Figures are 12″ or whats called 1/6 Custom Action Figures, not those mini little figures other companies pass off as action figures!

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The Best Custom Action Figure Samples in the World! This is an all time favorite custom action figure build for Herobuilders. Thomas called Herobuilders and had a special request to make him a custom-made action figure. But Thomas had some special really special details needed for his custom action figures.

Thomas was very specific he needed an earring. an awesome beard with custom beads in the beard, a custom Superhero outfit and a talking chip.

Herobuilders can and did make his custom super hero action figure with all of his specifications. Click here to Get your extreme custom action figure. Make Yourself a Super Hero Figure

Custom Action Figures
Super Mike, Gets a Superhero Custom Action Figure, complete with custom Superhero outfit. Mike added a voice option and now he can record his favorite catch phrases!